The best guide for players to fly in WOW TBC Classic

The best guide for players to fly in WOW TBC Classic


In WOW TBC Classic, players can explore a whole new continent while they are able to fly through all areas. Once players reach level 70 in TBC Classic, they will soon be able to take to the skies as long as they have enough economy.

In TBC, normal flight gives the player all the vertical mobility required in Outland, but the player's movement speed is only increased by 60%. This means that if the player is driving in a straight line, the person with the Classic top-level ride will be faster than the average player. Normal flight training costs 800 gold, while mounts cost 100 gold.

The epic flight is where things get serious, with air speeds 280% higher than running unmounted. However, the Epic Flying Mount will still only give the player 100% speed when it touches down. If the player wants to take to the skies and go as fast as possible, the epic training will cost 5,000 TBC Classic Gold, and the mount will cost the player another 1,000 gold.

Players can train to fly and buy mounts in Shadowmoon Valley. The Alliance will learn to fly from NPC Ilsa Blusterbrew at Wildhammer Fortress. Right next to her, players can buy their mounts from Brunn Firebeard. Horde players are trained to fly from Orlok in Shadowmoon Village, and they can buy mounts from Darma Wildmane in the same area.

Since this job is very gold-intensive, many seasoned veterans usually accumulate TBC Classic Gold ahead of time and then buy the mounts they want. If you ignore this during gameplay, don't worry. You can visit MMOWTS now and spend a small amount of money to Buy WOW TBC Gold and they will give you the best service.