Does Exile's Reach help increase the number of World of Warcraft players?

Does Exile's Reach help increase the number of World of Warcraft players?


The real point of Exile’s Reach is to introduce new players to the game of World of Warcraft itself. Does it succeed?

With or without success, you should have a basic understanding of playing games. You should first learn where to find skills and how to master them quickly and learn professional knowledge for each class role. In addition, you should know how to equip and replace equipment, and how to purchase from suppliers. In the game, you can follow the mission line to gradually understand how the entire storyline links the missions together.

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On the opposite hand, some things are still lacking. Despite playing DPS, I used to be the one who initiated combat within the dungeon — not a decent habit to show new players. I’m undecided if it’ll be added later, but there’s nothing in the slightest degree about professions. New players still don’t have a clue about the business firm. i might have thought that there would be something about a number of Shadowlands' new features, just like the new quest markers that differentiate between main storyline and side quests, or the power to feature a pin to the map, but no.

There’s no introduction to little touches like companion pets, transmog, or titles either. While it'd be asking an excessive amount of for all of this to be added, it does still mean new players simply won’t understand a full range of things unless someone outside of the sport sits down and tells them about it.

I decided to let my daughter play through it. She’s played World of Warcraft before, but only ever with me, and he or she usually needs a good deal of hand-holding. I tell her where to quest. When she needs her first mount, I pass away for her. She’s yet to play for any length of your time by herself, never mind reach max level.

By the top of Exile’s Reach, she had completed every task by herself, including bounding her hearthstone to the inn. She had chosen a spec for her class.Her gear… was about half equipped. There’s a hunt that teaches you the way to use a vendor — and he or she had bought and equipped the tabard that the vendor sold but still gave the impression to have a big amount of junk in her inventory. She had definitely used food to heal, which isn’t something she knew the way to do before.

Before comparison, her understanding of the game has deepened, which is actually the main reason why she can successfully complete the task. But if there is no external help, the game knowledge she has now can help her complete the game? The answer is negative. The World of Warcraft design itself is very complex and relies on the community. This game is too demanding for most players from the beginning.

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