Hold the Ball to Run the Clock to Finish NBA 2K

Hold the Ball to Run the Clock to Finish NBA 2K



And also the Double Team setting is broken. Game starts, I set 10 points up and team for the game doubles. Even if we are up by 30 points with 6 seconds left in the end of cheap NBA 2K20 MT and I'm only hoping to hold the ball to run the clock to finish NBA 2K... they double team me still as if I am trying to score? Realism seems like it's been completely thrown in the garbage. The AI looks like it was developed to make things tougher for the shooting badge grinders who don't care about NBA Career and only use it to improve badges for Rec/Park by chucking up shots all game. Do not punish the few men and women who actually enjoy NBA Career still and want to play the way their character was built. It's like we're not allowed to have fun.

The AI is constantly set to Smother Off-Ball Pressure my defenders are literally hanging off my arm like a clingy date. This also makes getting open for shots nearly impossible and leaves driving for layups way. I am a Playmaking Sharpshooter I don't have any business being a Slasher but that's what MyPlayer has become since it is unbelievably easy to cut beyond defenders and set up 40 points in one game in the paint. Yet scoring from outside is possible on fastbreaks cause defenders NEVER sag you off.

Player pictures will need to be updated on the roll up menu. The players have a computer picture. In that picture you can see Kawhi Leonard and Paul George haven't had their picture updated like others have experienced here. So complete NBA roster needs to be updated like Al Horford and Richardson have experienced. Not sure it has only been half complete. Together with those special images, we also require. For example here you can see despite playing for the Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving has his Boston Celtics picture.

You might even view his personal computer picture there too below. This should all be upgraded as all groups have had their media day and have played games so there should not be any justification to upload and get the new pictures to NBA 2K. Otherwise it seems as though we're still currently playing 2K19. Every other year it's been upgraded a couple weeks after the launch of NBA 2K not sure why it's taken so long. Which one site is the best NBA 2K20 gold shop?  nba2king.com is a good place, or you can click Buy MT 2K20 ,waiting for u!


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