Simply make stones act like trees and have a prospect of depleting

Simply make stones act like trees and have a prospect of depleting


To be fair the new OSRS method does not seem interesting to me at all (it's just like the gnome food deliveries), but I like that portables permit you to RS gold talk with other folks.

The OSRS Mining Experience

You forgot to bring the guy logging in under you and telling you to jump. Runecrafting has some shit but mining is the absolute worst ability in this game. I could stand the crap exp rates if it was a bit less stay intensive. Simply make stones act like trees and also have a prospect of depleting. I don't understand why WC supplies a superior xp/log than mining and it is so much less click intensive. In addition you make waaaay less gp on the method to 99 if you compare it to mlm. Yeah but I can't get mad at RS for the nation of resource costs except in the circumstance of robots destroying ore prices. Not really a skilling criticism per se.

Not really its the resource drops from bossing and that. I'm not high enough level to boss so I do not know much about how many resources enter the sport through drops. I think its a whole lot more than enters the game through spiders, which seemingly was type of intentional (which jagex seemingly dropped the costs of resources that way intentionally to get rid of skilling bots). It seems bosses frequently drop thousands or hundreds of skilling items that would take many hours to get through skilling.

So you won't get wealthy. Even tho I hate when folks compare everything to Vorkath, I am a hypocrite. So in comparison to almost 1B for 300 hours in Vorkath. Is that because iron is only level 15?

At least you can make good money training RC at fairly low levels if you use the abyss. Mining is just cancer. Learn volcanic mine. It will change your life. Blast mining is better cash and Xp compared to mlm (for greater mining lvl idk about lower lvl) I got from 98-99 pretty quickly. I would get a ~170k xp drop after collecting 900 dynamite value of ore that's ~1500 ore.

Simply make stones act like trees and have a prospect of depleting. Meanwhile rs3 be like"Perhaps you have heard of the mining and smithing rework? Oh wait you're still mining iron as it's 2005". Man, that could be one of the few things I'd bring back to osrs out of rs3. Ms upgrade was such a massive improvement to the cheap OSRS gold original.

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