What's in the trailer about Path of Exile 3.15 expansion?

According to the existing known information, players can know that they are about to face a Boat League.


According to the existing known information, players can know that they are about to face a Boat League. It should be pointed out that Path of Exile needs huge engine changes to allow GGG to handle water-related content and player interaction. And this is more likely to appear with Path of Exile 2. In fact, one of the trailers of Path of Exile 2 does show a character walking around on the deck of a ship, which means that Boat League may eventually become a thing in the future. It is not yet known whether the way players obtain POE Currency will change as a result.

As for the additional elements shown in the 3.15 expansion trailer, Path of Exile players seem to master at least four new active skills, one of which looks like the beloved son of popular skill gems such as Whirlwind, Harvest and Bladestorm. The others seem to be spells, two of which appear to be based on chaos because of the purple light. It basically confirmed the other to be a lightning skill similar to Doriani’s Touch, except that the pattern of its effect area is more square.

In addition, there is almost no other content in the trailer released by GGG some time ago, so the actual content of the league remains to be seen. Although this is the current guess, it is well known that GGG will pave the way for the upcoming new content through other meaningless comments or posts. Going back to the tweet with a list of uncontained content, they marked every item in the list that does not appear in the game with an “X”. What does this mean? Pirates, maybe there are buried treasures to dig.

The specific release time of Path of Exile 3.15 extension is July 16, for PC and Mac, and July 21 for PS and Xbox. Those players who are more competitive, if they don’t prepare early now, someone will easily surpass them by those players who prepared early after the start of the new league, and their achievement levels will definitely differ from each other. Buy POE Currency quickly now. Speed up!

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