Path of Exile: Expedition patch notes

Path of Exile has launched the 3.15.0.c update, the following are all the changes and additions in this update.


Path of Exile has launched the 3.15.0.c update, the following are all the changes and additions in this update. Although Path of Exile 2 is under active development, the POE team is still working hard to ensure the game experience, actively optimizing some details based on player feedback and no serious errors have occurred. As for the new extension, it certainly focused on bugs and some graphical updates, so the art displayed correctly. Nothing too crazy, but the bug fix update is still a wonderful touch. Here is everything that Path of Exile update 3.15.0c has changed!

The Expedition Vendor window will now show how many related artifacts are in your Expedition Locker. Fixed the bug that the Delve box and Azurite did not display the label. Fixed an error where the log modifier “additional suffix” did not generate the correct number of additional suffixes. Fixed a bug that getting or losing modifiers that change the effect of freezing on you, such as from aquamarine bottle, will not immediately update the effect of pre-existing freezing on you. Fixed the bug that potions with “avoid the chance of being stunned during potion effects” had no affix. Fixed a bug where Skin of Loyalty could not receive the blue slot. Fixed a bug that the alternative art flask 2D art could POE Currency Buy correctly.

As mentioned earlier, the Path of Exile update 3.15.0c provides nothing gorgeous. It is an excellent choice to update some textures and eliminate other errors. It was even completed with the first repair, making the Expedition Vendor window display the relevant artifacts. Again, this is tiny, but either way is welcome. Consider the reliable update of everything. The developer’s proactive attitude makes the players feel good and makes them feel they are worth buying POE Currency.

For some players, the new expansion may be very exciting. But for other players, the new expansion disappointed them. But according to the updated content, Expedition still brings things that the previous extensions did not have, all of which are amazing. Players can happily enjoy the new content brought by the new expansion before the launch of Path Of Exile 2 and prepare POE Currency for Path Of Exile 2 in advance. Let’s look forward to it together!

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