Tyreek Hill's overall score in Madden 22 has been released

Tyreek Hill's overall score in Madden 22 has been released


EA Sports publishes Madden simulation style and each player's Madden score every year. As the game progresses throughout the year, creators will be able to make changes to the hands-on experience of the Madden 22 Coins game every week. Currently, players can already check this year's ratings-Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill has a total score of 98 points.

In Madden, a total score of 99 is significant for the players on the field, but also for the players who control him in the game simulation. Because the total score of 99 means you are the best in the game. Every Madden player wants his team to have the best players in order to build an excellent team against their friends or random opponents.

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Patrick Mahomes is Hill's quarterback. He tweeted that Hill should have a total of 99 points. Only in Madden 21, only five players have a total score of 99. These players represent the upper echelons of Madden. Hill said that every player wants to be Madden's 99 overall player, and he regards his 98 rating as an improvement.

Hill's most important rating is his speed rating, which is 99 overall. As the fastest wide receiver in the NFL, he certainly has the highest speed rating in the game. Hill mentioned that he wants his rating to be 100, just like former Chicago Bears returnee Devin Hester did in Madden 08. Since Madden 19, Hill's MUT Coins speed score has never been lower than 99.

With Hill in the Chiefs offense, we think there is no reason for Hill not to reach 99 points in the first two weeks of the regular season, although if he does not reach the goal we hope to see, the situation may change. It may only depend on the play style of Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

If he performs well in real life, he will definitely perform well on Madden 22. Madden 22 will be released on all consoles on August 20. Players can visit UTnice in advance to purchase a large amount of Madden 22 Coins in order to pursue greater progress and obtain a better gaming experience.