Why WoW Classic Burning Crusade is still popular in 2021

Why WoW Classic Burning Crusade is still popular in 2021


As we all know, the most popular game currently is WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade. When Dark Portal opened on June 3 a month ago, WoW Classic transitioned to WoW Classic: The Burning Crusade. All players can migrate to the extended Burning Crusade era on the same server, or choose to stay in the original WoW Classic era. Judging from the Cheap TBC Classic Gold current state where about 99% of senior roles have migrated, WoW TBC Classic still benefits from becoming a substitute for WoW Shadowlands/Retail.

Loot drops are very important. Every item is precious and can greatly improve the player's ability to tank, heal or cause damage. Epics are really epics, more difficult to obtain than the retail version of Shadowlands, so they are of great value to every player. Even the greens are considered valuable, they can have good statistics and greatly improve players when leveling up, and, because of their increased drop rate in Outland, they are true gold mines. Potions are coveted and sought after because they can save players at the last minute and ensure their safety.

In Classic and TBC, if the player lacks a high-speed mount, they are likely to miss exploring the open world in the game. Players can play the TBC Classic Gold game at a slower speed and find areas and creatures to kill to complete the mission. In Shadowlands, unless the player jumps into Mythic+ Dungeons, the real feel of the game is simple. This is not the case in TBC and Classic. A simple mob can cause significant damage to the player's character. Unless the player is careful, the player will find that he often runs from the nearest graveyard to the player's corpse.

In the recent retail expansion, gold has lost its value. If the player wants to have more than 100K gold coins in his backpack, it really takes a lot of time and energy. But this is not the case in the classics! Most people carry a few or dozens of gold coins in their backpacks. Except for a few players who have purchased fast flying mounts, they still have thousands of them. Of course, if players need gold coins to buy their favorite equipment, they can first visit MMOWTS to buy a large amount of cheap TBC Classic Gold.