I think it should rain now before it starts to rain in Runescape

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Accept the invitation of Osman to join the army of the desert. You can join the fight however you want, but there is only one way to go on OSRS Power Leveling. Locate the place in which the Shah Emir fight. To improve his health, eat food together and then eat it with the other. Keep doing this until they are angry with you.

Are I really fighting alongside the Shah? What is the reason you are allied with the Emir The Emir and you are acting like children fighting an unending war that will accomplish nothing. What can you say that as an ally to Al Kharid? This is the way it works. In this moment the High Priest is about to arrive. This madness must stop. This must be stopped by the devourer. What do you mean by? Long ago, I felt the presence and power of the Devourer within Coenus. However, I was cautious. Osman is the one who fights with him, seems to be obsessed with destruction. But it is not too to late.

Attack Coenus. He's level 129 and has deadly melee attacks. Before he can die you must eliminate all his archers. After beating him and capturing him, the Shah will sign an agreement with the Emir. The Shah will also open the gates to the Menaphite towns.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to take down the Summoning familiars without having to go to a PvP world or a Duel that has Summoning activated? It is possible to fight them in this area OSRS Fire Cape Buy! It is situated in the Wilderness just 5 levels above Bounty Hunter.

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