What can players get from FIFA 22 RTTK?

What can players get from FIFA 22 RTTK?


The FIFA 22 RTTK campaign is based on the popular ‘Road To The Finals’ mechanism in previous versions. RTTK stands for Road To The Knockouts. During October, November and December 2020, the real performance items in European competitions will be improved. The FIFA 22 RTTK card was introduced to Ultimate Team on Friday, October 15. From that day on, each selected player can get up to two upgrades for their new items.

The first method for players to upgrade is for their respective teams to qualify for the knockout stage of the current European competition. The second upgrade FUT 22 Coins method is related to the individual game results. If the player’s team wins three of the four group matches starting on Tuesday, October 19, this card will also be promoted. It should be noted that if the player's team is eliminated in the UEFA Champions League and therefore gets a seat in the European League, then they do not need to score card upgrades.

There are 13 players in FIFA 22 RTTK Team. Nine of them came from the Champions League, including Marquinhos, Sane and Rodrigo. UEFA's new three-level event UEFA Conference League adds two more cards to the FIFA 22 RTTK series. Heung Min-Son is the choice of the entire campaign. The Spurs get 90 OVR, which means that his card will enable players to earn back more than 1 million coins in the secondary market.

After the group stage, RTTK items will no longer be upgradeable, and for the rest of the 2012-22 season, the focus may shift to FIFA 22 RTTF cards. EA also confirmed this in an official statement. The publisher stated that Road To The Knockouts players are only eligible to upgrade during the group stage. However, RTTK is just their celebration of the beginning of UEFA competitions. There will be more games in the knockout stages of the Champions League, Europa League and Europa League.

The final round of the UEFA Champions League group stage will Buy FUT 22 Coins be held on Wednesday, December 8th, while the first matches of the European League and League League will end on Thursday, December 9. Therefore, starting from mid-December, the prices of these cards should gradually drop, and further upgrades are no longer possible. In addition, UTnice will help players become stronger in the game, because any player can buy FIFA 22 Coins in UTnice and quickly improve their strength.