How to start a server transfer in New World

How to start a server transfer in New World


According to the latest news, New World will soon launch server transfer. In order to roll out in all regions in the next few days, the latest New World update will test server transfers. Although the queue that plagued Amazon MMO in the first few weeks after its launch has basically disappeared, there are still many friends who are waiting to join and initially choose a quieter server without a queue.

Although Amazon did not give a clear date or time, we can see that server transfers are available in all regions this weekend. This largely depends on the system's ability to withstand the load and the amount of time Amazon needs to Buy New World Coins monitor it between stages. The framework itself has been deployed with the latest updates, but Amazon is waiting to monitor stability before opening server transfers for a world.

In turn, this will be monitored before being rolled out to the rest of the world in the region. If everything goes according to plan, players will be able to replace New World servers in all regions. It is worth noting that to transfer the player's character to a different server, the player will need a "character transfer token". When the player logs in with his character and navigates to the in-game store, the player can claim the first one for free. Asking for the token seems to initiate the transfer, so make sure the player logs in with the correct characters before proceeding.

Then, players will get a series of servers that allow transfers. It must be in the same region and cannot be on the world set of another existing character. In addition, the server cannot be shut down due to maintenance or fullness. Before proceeding with the transfer, please make sure that the player is in the New World Coins settlement or outpost, retrieves all the sell orders that are valid on the trading post, and then leaves the player's guild. When transferring, the player's friend list will also be lost.

It should be noted that only the first server transfer is free. If the player wants to transfer again, he needs to purchase a character transfer token from the in-game store. If players lack New World Coins in the game, they can visit NewWorldCoins at any time and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins. They provide all players with the cheapest New World Coins on the market, safe and fast!