How to get coins in New World

Players can make money by selling raw materials in bulk or making popular equipment here.


In New World, whether the player maintains or upgrades his own equipment, buys some final materials for the large items the player is making, or buys a house and pays taxes for it, gold will come in handy in Aeternum. Completing town committee missions, faction missions, side missions, and main story missions, players will earn considerable money, but the real cash is the sale of popular goods at trading stations. Players can make money by selling raw materials in bulk or making popular equipment here.

Once reached a certain level, adventurer’s school bags are a necessity for all players because they can greatly Buy New World Coins increase the overall burden, while higher-quality satchels provide additional benefits, such as reduced weight for specific item selections, or extra luck Find rare equipment or resources. Crude leather bags and sturdy leather bags sell for between 800 and 1200 coins at the trading station. The price of a layered leather bag with three privileges and epic rarity is no less than 2000 to 5000, and the injected leather bag can list up to 10,000 coins.

Everyone needs the tools in Aeternum, and smart and experienced engineers can make considerable profits at relatively low material costs. It is absolutely necessary for players to spend Azoth to ensure the privileges on the tools, because these privileges will make the tools more valuable on the trading station. Each Starmetal pickaxe can sell 100 to 400 coins, depending on their rarity, and the price of a mountain copper pickaxe is no less than 300 to 2000. Players will also see similar prices for other tools.

If the player has been collecting treasure chests at landmarks while keeping harvesting and mining, the player should have enough particles and solvents to make gems. Some more useful cut gems will bring back some high-quality coins. Cut Pristine Carnelian, very suitable for those who have tank construction, the cost is not less than 500 coins. Other cut raw gems, such as moonstones and diamonds, also sell for hundreds of New World Coins.

In New World, players have multiple ways to get New World Coins, but this process is time-consuming and laborious. If players want to get a large amount of New World Coins in a short time, they can visit NewWorldCoins now and spend a small amount of money to buy New World Coins.