WoW TBC Classic: How to choose the best career

WoW TBC Classic: How to choose the best career


Players who have played World of Warcraft must be very clear that professions always play a vital role in this game. In TBC, the importance of making powerful equipment is increasing, which means that professions will also become more important. Throughout the Classic, most of the crafting professions are dedicated to the manufacture of consumables, and the top guilds require engineering, because engineers can use explosives to increase DPS during raids.

However, this has changed in TBC. Other professions gain great value by providing elaborate equipment unique to that profession. Because of the drums of war, all raids in TBC require leatherworking, but some changes implemented by Blizzard will make it require only a few players, not everyone. All major crafting professions provide value for at least one profession or specialization.

In TBC, the powerful profession for making gold is alchemy. This class has gained extra utility from the newly launched Cauldrons, which can provide complete raids with important protection potions. The new alchemy stone can be used as a trinket, which is useful to the healer in certain situations. Most players with alchemists will only do this to make potions and transforms. This is not necessarily the profession of the main character that many TBC Classic Gold players want them to raid.

The one-handed mace Dragonmaw is one of the most powerful crafting items in TBC. Because of this, most melee professions will forge as one of their professions. Mace can also be upgraded throughout TBC so that warriors and shamans can maintain this career throughout the expansion process. In addition, blacksmiths can make gold by making various items, such as weapon stones, weapon chains, and temporary armor gains for items.

Jewelry craftsmanship is mainly a profitable class. There are certain gems in TBC that only jewelers can use, but they are only slightly better than others. This class is also attractive to PvPers, because the Shadow Song Leopard jewelry can not only increase stealth detection, but also can be used to greatly increase attack power. In addition, all players can visit MMOWTS to buy cheap WOW Classic TBC Gold to enhance their strength.