Interview with those who understand: Career in Cyber ​​

information security challenges in the real estate market, future threats, tips on career in Cybersecurity)


The CCM Blog has followed Pollyana's work and of course, we asked for an interview. Among all the topics covered (information security challenges in the real estate market, future threats, tips on career in Cybersecurity), she talks about the challenge that women still face in the technology sector. Now, get to know who Pollyana is and how her career in cybersecurity was.

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Brief professional history
Unlike most security professionals, I don't come from the Technology area.

I graduated in Finance, working in banks for a while, but it was the audit area that brought me to the Information Security area. I worked as an Auditor for seven years, part in external consultancy and part in the industry, working mainly with risk management, internal controls and audit processes focused on IT auditing, access management and GRC (Risk Management and IT Compliance) - at this time I was able to participate in the project to implement the SAP system.

The Cyber Security Specialist takes care of the cyber security projects and makes sure they meet cyber security objectives.

This experience brought me closer to the technology area and it was at this moment that I ended up joining the Information Security area. Today, I work as Information Security Coordinator at Bild Desenvolvimento Imobiliário, with an MBA in Information Technology and Security Management.

On the eve of obtaining my first certification in the area, I have the challenge of structuring a security area from scratch, one that is able to understand the challenges, desires and strategy of the business and is able to transform them into safe realities, contributing mainly to the continuity and continuity of Business.

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