How much does a computer engineer earn?

How much does a computer engineer earn?


The average salary for the Computer Engineering professional is R $ 9,455.00 in the role of software engineer. Hardware and computer systems engineers earn in the range of R $ 6,822.59 , considering admissions and dismissals in the period from May to December 2019.

The numbers were obtained through the Salário platform , which analyzes the database of the General Register of Employees and Unemployed ( CAGED ). On the page, we also see that the base salary , the lowest salary found for the group of workers, is R $ 3,693.74 for the software professional and R $ 3,721.62 for the hardware professional.

The minimum wage , the minimum amount resulting from collective bargaining with unions, is R $ 8,629.62 for the software engineer and R $ 6,226.90 for the computer hardware engineer.

In turn, in the Robert Half Salary Guide for 2020 , the salaries of the software engineer range from R $ 10,050.00 to R $ 20,450.00.

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